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Tax Credits and Utility Rebates

As a building or homeowner, your investment into window film pays off twice:
First, from the energy cost savings. And second, through tax credits and utility rebate opportunities.

Residential Buildings

A provision in the "Fiscal Cliff" Legislation has created a tax credit opportunity for window films installed in residential structures in the United States.

Under the legislation, the qualifying credit is 10% of the film cost with a maximum total credit of $500. The new policy is retroactive to January 1, 2012 and expires December 31, 2013.

Money in your pocket

A tax credit directly reduces your income tax, unlike a deduction, which reduces the amount of income subject to tax. The credit then directly increases the tax refund you receive or decreases the amount you have to pay. Homeowners can receive a 10% credit on the costs of window film, up to $500. Installation charges do not apply.

Which window films qualify?

To figure out which window films qualify for your window type and specific climate zone, contact your local LLumar window film dealer. Alternately, you can consult the LLumar Window Film Qualifying Products Certification Statement that outlines which films, when installed with different window/frame types, qualify for climate zones defined by the International Energy Conservation Code. For more information, visit www.windowfilmtaxcredit.com.

Making window film tax credits simple

To take advantage of the window film tax credit, complete IRS form 5695 and file your Income Tax Return. Forms are downloadable at www.energystar.gov, along with a list of other available energy efficiency tax credits. Maintain copies of the dealer invoice and the manufacturer's certification statement for your records. Other Important Links: Energy Star Tax Credit Information IRS Form to Claim Tax Credits Climate Zones by State and County. Please consult your tax advisor regarding your eligibility with respect to any tax credit.

Find out what incentives are available in your state by visiting DSIREUSA.

Combine your creativity with the flexibility of LLumar decorative films and the possibilities are endless.

Commercial Buildings

As utility rates continue to rise, more and more utility rebates and tax incentives are becoming available to help commercial building owners save on energy costs. We use the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency to stay up to date on “free” money offered in each state.

Find out what incentives are available in your state by visiting DSIREUSA.


Automotive Tinting

With LLumar automotive window tint you get it all – high style and high performance — including protection from dangerous ultraviolet (UV) rays, distracting glare and heat build-up (with tinted or clear window films).

Residential Tinting

LLumar home window tinting controls the sun to help you live in greater comfort. The sun can make certain rooms too hot or filled with glare and can ruin your expensive furniture and fade your hardwood floors.

Commercial Tinting

In offices, restaurants, retail stores, hotels, schools and in almost every type of building, LLumar window films are transforming glass — helping millions of people live in greater comfort and safety while saving energy.

Tint Viewer

Choosing a window film for your automobile, home, or commercial building just got easier. You can use the LLumar film viewer to quickly and easily find the perfect shade and style for the project at hand. Check it out!